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Panhead, Shovelhead, Sportster Stroker flywheels 45, UL, Knucklehead, Stroker flywheels Panhead, Shovelhead, Sportster stroker flywheels
Harley-Davidson 45


” Stroker Flywheels

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    This is a brand-new quality product made in America by the famous “Truett & Osborn” company for all Harley-Davidson 45” motors 1937-73, for street or racing use. This is exactly what you need as the foundation for your high-performance 45 motor.
     The photo shows the actual flywheels (the crank-pin & nuts shown are not included); click the picture for a larger view.
    Nothing adds torque like stroker flywheels! Gives you the power for high cruising speed, and better acceleration. They also increase compression: motors with 5-1 compression ratio become 5.6-1, 6-1 motors become 6.8-1.
    The new stroke is 4-7/16” (4.4375”), or 5/8” (.625”) larger than the

45 Stroker Flywheel

original stroke length, the same as the traditional Indian Chief 74 flywheels, now difficult to find. The new motor size is 52.5”, or 861cc with std. bore pistons.
    This is a very reasonable investment - it’s only a small part of your total motor cost, and does more in one step than anything else - more than hot cams, bigger carburetor, etc., although those parts will work even better on your stroker motor. The new larger high-compression engine is less sensitive to big cams and carburetors, so you have more tuning options while retaining great low speed power.
    This is not a radical, dangerous and short-lived modification, motors have been built using this stroke length (and inferior parts) for 50 years. The motor will not explode, overheat, be difficult to start, or wear out immediately (the extra piston travel does shorten the time between top end rebuilds slightly, but we’re talking about years, not months).
    Why should you buy these flywheels from me, instead of somewhere else? Because I’m providing you with something extra that no one else does: a comprehensive, 10 page illustrated booklet with diagrams and dimensions to show you how to do this yourself, containing lots of useful information to help “talk you through” the process of installing them. Not sure you’re up to building this? Get the booklet first, it answers many questions.
    Click here to purchase this booklet for $5.00 by PayPal. This will be credited against your flywheel purchase: .
    This is not an actual, physical booklet but an encrypted PDF file which you can read from any computer or lap-top using “Acrobat Reader”, or print a single hard copy for yourself (and you save the printing and mailing costs). There is no shipping because there is no physical product. There is no “hard copy”. There is no “print-out”. The file will be e-mailed to you immediately on receipt of payment. You must set your e-mail spam filters and preferences to accept mail from victorylibrary.com.
    If you don’t understand what this is, don’t purchase it, there are no refunds.
    These flywheels are a direct replacement (except for stroke length) for the original flywheels in all 45 motors with the serial letters W, WL, WLA, WLC, WLD, WLDR, WR, G, GE & GA. They use all std. 45 lower-end components, including your own rod set, crank-pin, shafts, bearings, etc. No special parts (other than pistons) are required for installation, and no welding or expensive machine work; this means that your project is less expensive.
    The flywheel material is far superior to the original factory cast-iron. Every individually crafted flywheel begins as a 80-55-06 ductile (nodular) iron blank, which is then heat-treated to 220-250 BHN. The 80,000 pound tensile strength blanks undergo an exacting 20-step manufacturing process, utilizing both CNC and conventional precision milling and machining. This insures accurate surfaces, legendary reliability, and excellent “truability”, an absolute necessity when setting up high performance motors to blueprint specifications. If properly installed and maintained, they will not wear out, but give many years of trouble-free service.
    Ductile cast-iron is the superior material for flywheels, since its surface provides a better “grip” on the crankpin and shaft tapers than a steel forging to prevent slippage. Cast-iron also damps out internal vibrations better than steel.
    Although you cannot use stock 45 pistons with stroker flywheels, you can modify 45 or K-model pistons for use with these flywheels by simply shortening the skirts with a file, hacksaw, Dremel, etc. and using stroker plates; other modifications are required.
    * If you have or intend to use KH cylinders & heads, click here for my 897cc stroker flywheels, which are perfect for those taller cylinders: .
    This is more complex than a normal rebuild, requiring prior experience and other assembly work. Victory does not supply pistons, modify pistons, or install these parts. Flywheels must be balanced to your components.


ICTORY is the original source of side-valve performance since 1971.
Click here for a brief bio on the author: .

Price: $399.95 + postage, insurance, handling & customs fees. Payment & shipping instructions: please read carefully, and be sure to read Terms at the bottom of these instructions.
    The flywheels will be promptly shipped to your address in a strong box to insure safe delivery direct from the U.S. manufacturer to save you freight. From time to time, some individual flywheel sets are slightly too heavy for a single box and must be shipped in 2 separate boxes. I won't know this until the box is weighed. If it's too heavy, I will request the additional postage.

    There may (rarely) be a brief delay in shipment depending on production volume, you will be immediately notified if this occurs and offered a choice of waiting, an alternate stroke length, or a full refund.
    My address is below. Sorry, I can't take your credit card directly. All payments must be in US dollars, payable to Victory Library.

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If you prefer, use a postal or bank money order only (no personal or business checks), and mail to:

Victory Library
13 Irwin Ct.
Lynbrook NY 11563-2511 U.S.A.

Please include your e-mail address.

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